Building Futures Since 1968


Our School has spacious, well ventilated classrooms, well-equipped science labs, computer labs, playground, basic utilities such as water, electricity, students friendly entrances. The lush green lawn with swings for small children, sprawling badminton court offer plenty of opportunities for young sports enthusiasts to indulge their love for sports. School has one big playground in which facilities of volleyball, Long jump, high jump, kabaddi different types of races available. Our students are result oriented in all fields. Their rigorous training imparted under the supervision of hardworking, passionate Teachers.

Society Auditorium, known as Lal Bahadur Shastri Auditorium is let out to school, whenever the school has a function. 


The classroom is the best place to learn various things. These classrooms picture’s how fun learning is and will arouse students all over. 


We have two Computer Labs  Presentation Rooms with the most recent windows-based interactive media machines for giving active experience to our students from Std. I to XII. LCD projectors are utilized in making education and learning an intriguing, pleasant, and viable interaction. 


The School has Laboratories ranging from Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science labs for various levels. 


A School library has sufficient space for one class of 40 to 50 students accommodated at one time. A library has reference books, fiction, and other course-related material. Books are available to children for not only reading there but can be borrowed also.


The Art Rooms has different disciplines like Glass painting, Painting, Sketching, Model making, Pottery. The artwork of the students is consistently shown within and outside school to motivate the young craftsmen. Customary visits to Museums, Art Camps, Craft Villages are organized by the school for all levels of classes. 


We have a Music Room (Vocal and Instrumental). Students are offered a wide scope of music and dance from various societies and types. Our educators are masters of spotting talent and preparing youngsters. The youngsters learn vocal music as well as figure out how to play instruments in both Indian traditional and western music.


The School offers sports and games to all students. A few courts are available like Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Volley Ball, and Handball. The school focuses on the all-around improvement of the students.